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For canvas shoes, textiles or microfiber such as linen, nylon, silk, satin, rafia..

Footwear in this category is made of a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers. Their main care is to protect and clean them.

1) Clean

Do not clean them until the dirt or mud is dry.

Then you can scrub with a soft brush but do not wash with water which will dilute the dirt.

We do not recommend very strongly to consider washing them in a washing machine. The weave and structure of the insole do indeed very badly support this operation which almost always causes irreversible damage: discoloration, shrinkage, detachment ... If this is possible, remove the insole by removing it from the shoe and wash it separately.

Prefer a hand wash, with water and soap of common use (such as Marseille soap). For the removal of dirt and stains, we recommend the Mulard colourless Stain Remover Foam care. Leave to act. Brush to remove residues. Let dry in the open air.

2) Protect and/or Nourish

To preserve the beauty and extend the life of textiles and microfibers, it is essential to waterproof them before wearing them for the first time. Use the Mulard Waterproof Protection, except on stretch and Goretex.

3) Revive

The shoes made of microfiber textiles are not affected by this step.

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