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For velvety skins (Nubuck, Suede)

Velvety Skins are special and delicate leathers. Nubuck is a leather whose upper layer has been roughened. For suede, this process has been applied to the lower layer. The specific surfaces of these materials therefore require maintenance and must be treated with appropriate products.

1. Clean

Daily maintenance consists of brushing them, to rid them of dust.

In this case, you will prefer the use of the Mulard Natural Rubber Brush, especially to remove dirt and keep the leather rough.

In case of stains we recommend using a Suede rubber.

Alternatively, apply the Mulard colourless Stain Remover Foam in aerosol which deeply cleanses. Brush to remove residues.

Allow to air dry.

2. Protect and/or Nourish

This is mainly about protecting, and recolouring if necessary. To maintain the waterproofness of the shoe and protect it from water and stains, we spray the Mulard Waterproof Protection in aerosol.

Warning: this step especially for this material as to be done after reviving the specific colour of the shoe or even using the colourless care.

3) Revive

It will straighten the hairs and restore their velvety appearance with a special brush in natural rubber, for the nubuck, or combining bristles nylon and brass, for suedes.

Periodically, to revive the colour, do not hesitate to spray the Care Revivor of Colour and Aspect for suede and nubuck, chosen of the colour of the leather or colourless, thus making it possible to recolour the hairs, in a way uniform.

Small practical advice: Do not forget Beforehand, protect the surface on which you put your shoes, for example with newspaper or a towel. Let dry well at room temperature.

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