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Smooth Leather

The smooth leather is a natural material that needs to be regularly cleaned, polished and waterproofed to preserve its flexibility.

Aerosol care

Waterproofing Protection

It provides a water seal for all your leather, suede andnubuck accessories: shoes, handbags, furniture andclothes.

Rich Nourishing Foam


Made from natural bee’s wax, this rich foam penetrates deeply into the leather's pores to nourish the leather and prevent your shoes from aging.


Complete Revivor Care


Neutral balm which cleans, nourishes and makes supple all type of smooth leather (shoes, garments, sofas, bags) while protecting it. Used regularly, it renovates the color, keeps leather soft and supple, and keeps your leather longer. Enriched with natural Carnauba wax.


Shoe Brush


Use the gray hair bursh for light colored shoes, and the black hair brush for darker models.

Shoe Brush


After applying your A.Mulard Polish with the Shoe Brush, tub your shoes with A.Mulard Brush in order to obtain an exceptional shine.

Soft Cloth

The A.Mulard Soft Cloth can also be used to apply  Traditional Polish, as well as shining your shoes.

Traditionals shoe polish


Shoe Polish


Traditional Polish for Smooth Leather. The Polish nourrish, polish and waterproofing the shoes.

Different Colors : Black, Neutral, Grey, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brow, Burgundy, Cognac, Blue, Yellow.

Cream Care

Cream Care Renovator of Color

Cream Care Renovator of Color with applicator for Smooth Leather protect , nourrish and revive the leather.

Different Colors : Black, White, Neutral, Brown, Blue, Burgundy, Red.

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