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For smooth or grained leathers (veal, kid, lamb)

The smooth leather is a natural material that needs to be regularly cleaned, polished and waterproofed to preserve its flexibility.

1) Clean

Note in advance about the Shoe Polish: The shoe polish does not clean. It is used to care, shine or ice the shoe.
Clean with a soft brush to remove dust residue.
If your shoes are dirty, brush them and, if necessary, clean them with a damp sponge and soap.
Periodically, for example every 15 days, apply the Mulard Renovator Complete Care, which will remove the successive layers of waxing, thus unclogging the pores of the leather, to nourish it in depth. Allow to dry at room temperature, preferably overnight.

2) Protect and/or Nourish

Spray the Mulard Waterproof Protection every 8 to 10 times as waterproofing agents lose their effectiveness over time.

To prevent your leather from drying out or any external aggression it is essential to feed them. To nourish your shoes in depth, you can spray our Nourishing Cream foam.

It will also be necessary to maintain each week your leather shoes by waxing them. We distinguish in advance creams polish, the Cream Care Revivor of Colour, intended to protect, recolour and nourish the leather, and paste polish, the Traditional Shoe Polish, essential for icing.

Indeed, the cream, richer in natural solvent, clean better, and in depth but nourish also thanks to the waxes contained inside, while the paste is almost richer in waxes and can enhance the shine or finish such as patinas or icing.

The maintenance therefore includes an alternation of applications of cream and paste: a cream every three shines by example.

Apply a small amount of polish, chosen according to the colour of your shoes, using a sponge applicator, or the Mulard small round brush in horse hair. Allow to dry for several hours for a better penetration of the care and a complete absorption. Then remove excess polish with the Mulard soft polish brush in horse hair or the special glove in natural lamb. Then remove excess polish with the Mulard soft polish brush in horse hair or the special glove in natural lamb.

3) Revive

After the 3 previous steps, the last is to skate and shine, using a brush (or a glove) to shine and the Mulard soft cloth, bringing a brilliant shine. Another possible complementary operation is icing. This technique aims to give a "mirror" effect to a part of the shoe, usually, at the hard parts at the front of the shoe or the counter. This operation must be carried out in moderation so as not to varnish the leather.

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