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An ethical corporate citizen 

The directors of Mulard, with a constant concern for ethics and justice, are committed to serving the common interest. 
Thus, contrary to a large number of French manufacturers, Mulard's House has taken the bold chance to not relocate their production, despite its resulting in a non negligible cost increase; the production must be done in France or not be done at all.

Going even further, at the time of the successive moves from Pantin to Noisy-le-Grand then to Neuilly-sur-Marne, the current location, the directors chose to remain in a sensitive region (department 93), cruelly affected by the employment crisis, so as to preserve jobs and allow the team to follow to the new location.

A culture of respect

Mulard's House have earned their renown throughout the generations thanks to one of their key values, Respect - Respect of science, technology and the quality of products.  
Profoundly committed to respecting science, the directors have called upon a laboratory consultant at the forefront of research and analysis in the formulation of maintenance and cosmetic products, in order to guarantee: 

• The quality of the products
• The security of their use
• The respect of current norms and regulations concerning our formulations.

Committed to satisfying our clients 

The drive behind our corporate culture resides in our willingness to always increase customer and consumer satisfaction, through 5 required practices:


  • Listen to our clients; remain attentive to their needs in order to better advise them.

  • Develop and produce superior quality treatments, allowing consumers to maintain, nourish, preserve or improve leather goods and footwear. 

  • Profit from the latest technological innovations by adapting our different packaging lines for aerosol cans, bottles, tubes and jars.

  • Lean on quality and traceability standards

  • Convey clear and explicit information with the naming and labelling of products.

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