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How to get a nice icing

To get a nice icing:


Prepare your A. Mulard Traditional Polish and water, the icing being obtained by a mixture of both.

Take a Chamoisine A. Mulard, which is wrapped around two fingers.

Take a bit of A. Mulard Traditional Wax from the color of the leather with your fingertips.

Put a small drop of water directly on the leather, especially not more.

Warning: Too much water will wet the leather and make the frosting impossible. In this case, do not hesitate to put your fingers on a dry part of the cotton fabric.


5. Draw on the leather small circles, without pressing but stroking. The friction of the chamoisine on the shoe will heat the wax and make it shine.

Attention: The folds and the seams do not freeze, because the varnish does not hold on it.
The icing is obtained little by little. It is therefore necessary to repeat operations 3 and 4 as many times as necessary until the desired result is achieved. Mirror effect guaranteed!

A little extra "trick": Alternate often from the right shoe to the left to let the layers of polish dry.

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