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For Sneakers

1) Clean

Dust the shoe with the brush dedicated for that use.

Pour hot water into bowl, dip the brush into it.

SHAKE well BEFORE USE then add the lotion onto the brush.

Do not forget to do a preliminary test on a hidden part of the shoe. If it a succes, expect to remove stains by rubbing vigorously until foam is obtained.

Leave to act, let the care act 1 to 2 minutes after the formation of the foam.

Remove the foam with a cloth (repeat operation until satisfaction)

Let dry.


2) Protect and/or Nourish

Spray the Mulard Waterproof Protection every 8 to 10 times as waterproofing agents lose their effectiveness over time.

To prevent your leather, or nubuck from drying out or any external agression (rain,snow) it is essential to feed them. Excluding synthetic materials.

3) Revive

For nubuck and suede, brush with the Special Suede Brush of our range before completly drying them to straighten the hair and restore their original vevelty.

Your sneakers are like new !!!

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