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THE STAGES OF MAINTENANCE - Practical tips to take care of your shoes: 

The life of a pair of shoes depends on how you take care of it. 

Your shoe can only benefit from a specific treatment if it is clean. 


Whatever the material, the main stages remain identical:


1) Clean

Dust off with a brush. 

Clean your shoes regularly with a suitable product. 

Then let it dry at room temperature. 


2) Protect and nourrish

All materials, except varnished, bold and synthetic leathers, stretch and Gore-Tex, should be 

regularly waterproofed. 

The waterproof spray makes it possible to protect your shoes not only from the rain but also from the dirt and stain. 

Spray Waterproof Protection every 8 to 10 times as waterproofing agents lose their effectiveness over time. 

For any other specific care, use products adapted to the material of your shoes. 


3) Revive

Essential step for the skins: smooth leathers, grained, and velvety skins (suede, nubuck). 

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